Communication Channels

What is a communication channel

When businesses communicate with their customers, the medium by which they communicate is referred to as a communication channel. They have to be right – every time. Good initial and ongoing contact with a customer can make a big difference to a Business if that customer then becomes a life-long buyer.

Personalization matters

Personalization is key to winning and keeping customers. That’s why UB CDP allows the Business to gather data on their customers’ favorite channels and target them accordingly.

Moreover, without a unified view of customers, it’s impossible to deliver a personalized experience as they move between touchpoints — from mobile app to desktop and from laptop to store.

The single customer view delivered by the CDP ensures that every interaction with the Brand is tailored to each customer.

It all starts with setting up the right email address IDs and SMSs, and properly categorizing them, which will be used to send communication to customers through Journey Automation, Marketing Campaigns and Loyalty Programs – from Thank you notes, and purchase confirmation, to loyalty updates, Newsletter, and Promotions.

First, the Business’s IT has to create the Email IDs on their system before the setup takes place on Journey.


Tip#1: It is recommended to utilize Multiple IDs – one for generic corporate communication, another one for Newsletter, one for sending out Promos, etc..


As for the SMS, the Sender IDs need to be registered with the operators in the relevant countries before they can be used. and there is a limitation of 11 characters when setting up the Name.


Tip#2: Always check on the latest regulations before utilizing the SMS; for example, some countries like the UAE has updated rules and regulations for utilizing promotional SMSs


Communication Settings


To Setup the Email  senders IDs, the following steps are required

Once the Email Senders window is displayed, follow steps 1 to 3:


Categories Setting

After setting up the Email and SMS IDs, next are the Categories

  • Email Categories
  • SMS Categories

That will be later used in communication with customers through loyalty programs, Marketing Automation and standard communication, depending on the Business level of engagement with its customers.

The categories might range from standard/generic ones like Newsletter, Birthday, and Promotions to very specific ones to each Business.


Same steps are required to set up the SMS:

  • to Setup Senders IDs

  • To set up the Categories