Country is where the business operates. It is used to automatically group and track data based on where the customer transacts with the business. In other words, where sales transactions are generated and reported.

Countries where a business operates are usually enabled in the system by default for each program based on the subscription – no setup is required.

The Business will be able to map the brands, branches and Ecommerce accordingly.

When a business operates in multiple countries, consumers data will be added to the country where they have transacted. This enables the system to sort out the data separately.

In some cases, a customer transact with a business in more than one country, and his data will be linked to multiple countries – in this case, countries will have shared customers.

This means that a customer can be linked to one or multiple countries based on their transactions.

Looking at the data at the Program level, enables the Business to get an accurate view of the number of unique customers across all countries.