How to Add a Brand

Brand” on Journey represents the brand of the Business operating under the program (could be one or many brands).

A business usually has one brand, However, in some other cases a business would own several brands that operate independently from each other.

In this case, the Business can create different brands (depending on the number of Brands it operates) on the CDP, and customer data will automatically be linked to the Brand that customer transacts with.

Such setup would provide the Business with one central place to manage customers across different brands and see customers shared by the brands or unique to each brand.

Tip#1: whenever the Business setup includes different brands underneath it, it is recommended to keep them separate from each other at consumer level. Each brand has its own sets of preferences and consumer behavior.

Since Brand operates within a country, the data will be tracked by country/brand; Nevertheless, data can also be looked at across all countries where that Brand operates.








Before heading to the Setup on the System, the Business should have the following sorted:

Brand Name  – to be used on the Program; In the rare case of a long Brand name, an acronym should be used to refer to it, as the System has a max length for a Brand name set at 25 characters.

Logo – that represent the Brand for visual representation; ideally in small size format Less than 1MB & square dimension of 250×250 pixels

Website – use the corporate website unless there is a specific one to that Brand (Highly recommended in the case of Multiple Brands)

Email – a main email address specific to the Brand, to be used later on for Brand specific communication.