How to Add a Store

A Store represents a physical branch. You need to setup a store for each business branch so that the data from that branch is properly captured and stored in the CDP.

Stores are used to filter the data for marketing purposes where you can target customers or look at the analysis of a specific branch.

Store Name has a maximum length of 25 characters: make sure it is unique in case of multiple stores to be added.

Tip#1: Follow the same naming logic across all stores for consistency.

The key component of a store is the System ID. Always double check  and make sure it is correct and there are no duplicates.

This unique ID is the one generated by the Point of Sale (POS) system and it is important that you enter the right System ID that is linked to the relevant branch in the POS. This is to ensure that the transactions are stored under the right branch in the CDP.

Tip#2: Your IT team should be able to provide you with the different System IDs for the branches.





It is advisable to add the address, the Email id of that store as well as the phone number.

The more details are added the better, as this will not only make the automated communication with the customers more specific and customized based on their purchase experience, but also allow the CDP to gather the data in a more segmented way.

Same goes to Google Map URL and Area, once set a direction link can be added to the communication to direct consumers towards the Stores.

Tip#3: it is good to have custom email ids for each branch, so that the communication sent is customized




Add Ecommerce/Online Store

(In the case where the Business has an Ecommerce/Online Store, add it to the Program)

Adding an E-Commerce site (Online Store) is similar to branch/Store*, but it is usually setup separately for tracking and analysis purposes – one example is when the Business would require to compare online activities versus in-store activities.

*same rules & restrictions of adding a Store applies