UrbanBuz Customer Data Platform (CDP) is designed to replicate the structure of a Business enabling it to map all the different touchpoints and channels of that business to build an efficient centralized customer data hub.

The top level entity that is created by default in CDP is the Program. This typically represents the Business entity and they can give it a relevant Name.

All data belongs to the “Program” the same way all business data belong to the Business entity in the physical world. This means that all customer accounts, transactions, and activities are created under the program.

The 1st step is to map the Business structure to the CDP by creating the different Brand(s) and Channels (branches, ecommerce) by:

  1. Program Name
  2. Country(s)
  3. Adding Brand(s)
  4. Adding Store(s)
  5. Adding Ecommerce Site(s)
  6. Setting up Payment Types
  7. Setup Communication Channels
**Please note that the user needs to have Super Admin access in order to setup the Business structure on Journey**








The first Step is to start by add Program Name , this is usually related to the Business Name or it could be a generic one.