4. Audience


The Audience product is a powerful AI-powered customer segmentation where you can define different types of customers segments based on demographics, shopping behavior, marketing engagement, etc.Audience has two parts:– Segments: This is where you setup dynamic customers segments that get updated automatically in real time– Lists: This is where you create static lists of customers […]

Customer Segments

Overview Customer segments are dynamic lists of customers grouped based on different criteria like geography (where the customer is engaging with the business), demographics, transactions, marketing, browsing, loyalty, etc. Segments can be used to download certain data, to target marketing campaigns, and in dashboards. Once a segment is created it will be automatically updated by […]

Static Lists

Overview Static lists would hold customer accounts that you update manually by uploading data from a file or by generating data directly from the CDP. You can add customers to the list but you cannot delete from it. If you want to remove customers from a list, you should create a new list and upload […]