Customer Data Management


A microsite is a brand-specific personalized landing page developed for your customers. It is available in the UrbanBuz Journey. This personalized microsite enables your customers to access and manage their personal information, personal offers and vouchers. In the case of a loyalty program, this personalized microsite can also show the customers’ loyalty tier, points balance […]

Registration Web Application

The Registration Web Application (Herein after referred to as the Registration App) is designed to help leads (prospective customers) register with your brand. This web-based application can run on any device with internet connection. It is linked to a specific branch or event that enables you to track where the interaction with the lead occurred. […]

Customer profile

Profile: Profile is a collection of fields that you (as a business) can define to collect useful data from your customers. A profile consists of the following sets of fields: Main Profile: It is here that you add all the required data fields that will be used to collect customer data. It acts as the […]