Analytics and Insights

Sales Dashboard

The UrbanBuz Sales dashboard is a powerful and easy-to-read graphical representation of sales data provided in real time. Thus, enabling businesses to make better sales decisions, informed sales predictions and identify key areas for optimization.  The dashboard with the flexibility of using different filters and date range with year-on-year comparison displays several key sales metrics.   […]

Demographics Report

The UrbanBuz Demographics dashboard provides you with a visual representation of your customers demographic-related information. For example, gender, age group, country of residence, nationality and so on. The significant aspect of the Urbanbuz platform is that it allows you as a business to store extensive amount of demographic information pertaining to your customers. This information […]

Accounts Growth Report

Account growth for a business indicates addition of an account (lead, customer and member) record by 1 at the program/country/brand/level. The UrbanBuz Accounts Growth dashboard is a powerful and easy-to-use utility that helps the organizational management understand and analyze the growth of their accounts (Leads, customers, and members if it is a business that has […]