Marketing Audience

Audience Overview

The UrbanBuz Audience feature enables you to segment/group your accounts (leads, customers and members) into different sub-categories based on their demographics, purchase history, interests, geographical location etc. This type of grouping will help you target your audience with specific, relevant and timely messages in campaigns and other promotional activities. The Audience is categorized into two […]

Dynamic Segments and Static Lists

Dynamic segments Dynamic segments are “smart” lists that automatically add or remove contacts based on the criteria that you provide.  They are easy to set up, and they maintain themselves. That is to say, they use real-time data to create constantly changing groups of contacts that move in and out of the target segment as […]

Dynamic Segments Setup

The setup of a segment includes: Segment type -Segment Type -Segment Name Segments are grouped into different segment types. Within each segment type, you can create different segments based on the target audience (for example, Active Customers, Lapsed Customers etc.) The segment types are defined as follows: Program: This includes all the available contacts in […]

Dynamic Segments Filters

Filters You can use different filters to create the right segment of your contacts based on the profile of the contact, purchase behavior, loyalty attributes and engagement with your business.  The filters are categorized based on: Source: Indicates where your contacts were registered from /made transactions. They include country, brand, branch, list, event. Personality traits: […]

Dynamic Segments Download

Segments download Before you download your segments, you can set the required fields to download, using the ‘Downloads settings’. You can select from the list of all the profile fields and other additional fields that are listed based on the segment type.

Static Lists Setup and Usage

Static lists setup You need to first create a list. To add contacts to this list, you need to upload them (refer the below section Uploading contacts to lists).  A list is created by defining the following: -A suitable and relevant name for the list   -Audience type, that is, where this list can be […]