Marketing Campaign

Campaigns Overview

The UrbanBuz Campaigns feature enables you to send targeted and personalized marketing campaigns through different communication channels. The campaigns are managed from a unified control center enabling you to target your contacts (leads, customers and members) across different countries, brands, and branches from one central place.  In addition, through the UrbanBuz Campaign Analysis dashboard, you […]

Campaigns Setup

The initial setup of a campaign includes: -Campaign name -Campaign channel -Campaign category Campaign name We recommend you to have a campaign name format that is relevant to you so you can easily find and view campaign when you need to. For example, a simple format could be <Campaign Purpose>_<Date>_<Channel>, Spring Season Sale_May_25_SMS  or VIP […]

Campaigns Audience

You can select the audience from a list of dynamic segments or static lists that you have created in advance. Please refer to the Audience article to get more information about creating dynamic segments and static lists. You can select only one Dynamic segment as the target audience; however, you can select up to five […]

Campaigns Content

SMS message Telecom companies charge per message, which is based on the number of characters that you send. Here is a list of number of messages per SMS based on the number of characters. Note: Each message has a limit of 160 characters. Exceeding this limit will convert the message into a multi-part message, where […]

Campaigns A/B testing

What is A/B testing? A/B testing, also known as split campaign, is when you create and send different versions of one campaign to a section of your target audience and track which version gets the best engagement rate. Split campaign is advantageous as it allows you to analyze what works best with your customers so that you can improve […]

Campaigns Control Group

You can exclude a certain number of customers (the control group) from receiving the campaign so that you can later measure the effectiveness of the campaign by comparing the engagement of those who received the campaign versus those who did not receive it (the control group).

Campaigns Summary

Campaign summary On this page, you can find the details of the campaign that you have created, including cost. Target audience limit On this page, you can change the count of the target audience to be included in your campaign. There are instances where you have budget limitations and you may want to limit the […]

Campaigns Scheduling

After you have finalized your campaign content and the target audience, you can schedule the date and time of sending the campaign. You will be able to send the campaign for the selected time zone, and exactly when you want it to be sent. Once scheduled, your campaign will appear on the main calendar in bright blue color. It […]