2. Setup Guide

Customer Registration Page

The registration page gives you full control over configuring different registration forms for customers to register that can be used across different channels like tablets at the store or at an event, a campaign, online, or through online ads. When setting up a registration page, you can choose from two templates: default and checkin. The […]

Customer Microsite

It is always recommended that businesses provide their customers with access to their data. This establishes trust with customers and also provides them with a way to update their profiles and keep them up to date. You can setup a personal microsite for each one of your customers and configure it to have different pages […]

Customer Profile

When you finish the program setup with all the branches and Ecommerce settings, you need then to configure the customer profile. The customer profile holds the demographics data and the program comes with a basic customer profile with a set of pre-defined fields that you can add to or change. You can configure the customer […]

Program Setup

The first step in setting up your program on the Customer Journey Management platform is to map your business structure. Below are the first steps you need to do in order to get your program up and running in no time. The place to start is Settings and only Super Admin would have access to […]